Alexander Kachkaev catch · ka ′ yev

Visual data scientist and software architect. PhD in GIS (giCentre, City University London). Originally from Russia, moved to London in 2009.

Alexander Kachkaev

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13 papers including the doctoral thesis


421 connections


68 public repositories including this website


1,661 map edits and 230 gps traces (mainly around Penza and London)


518 tweets in English and 274 in Russian


428 photos

OSM London pub meetup at Ye Olde Cheshire CheeseAutumn 2010, Panorama of London from Michael Cliffe HouseRoger Beecham (giCentre, City University London): Classifying travel behaviour within a large-scale, origin-destination dataset: developing a Visual Analytics approach2012-05-16 (0060)Barclays Cycle Hire key insideLast moment before a bike crashSOTM2013, day 1 – ‘Lessons from the crowd - how to be truly authoritative’ by Peter ter Haar (Ordnance Survey)Oxford’s thumbs up fenceMain swimming pool in London Aquatics Centre
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